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FAQ: Common Questions About Visa Laws In The United States

FAQ: Common Questions About Visa Laws In The United States Lawyer, San Diego CityIf Approved, Are Individuals Able To Bring Family?

Family members may accompany the individual and their spouse.

Who Is Responsible For Employment Visa Renewal?

The attorney would customarily be responsible for renewing the visa since they have to ensure that the USCIS, the agency obtains all the necessary information that we would send.

What Are The Final Steps To Obtain Approval?

In the final steps of visa approval, applicants must attend an interview. A visa attorney can prepare the applicant for the discussion and organize all the supporting documentation. The applicant would need to get a background check. After the interview, applicants are granted their visas and allowed to work immediately in the United States.

Can An Applicant Appeal Or Reapply If An Employment-Based Green Card Application Was Denied?

There are avenues for appeal. Sometimes the United States Citizenship And Immigration Services suspects that clients are not in an executive capacity. Hence, pushback and the utilization of appellate resources are necessary to get a second opinion on a denial.

For reapplying, it depends on why they denied the application. If there’s an accusation of fraud, that is considered a challenging finding, which would bar someone from ever applying for any visa or immigration benefit with the United States government.

Why Is It Imperative To Work With An Experienced Immigration Attorney To Obtain An Investor Visa?

One must meet several strict requirements to obtain an investor visa. These are severe and expensive proceedings. The United States government will scrutinize everything that is submitted. Certain caveats are avoidable by hiring an experienced firm to increase the likelihood of obtaining the visa.

Another critical factor is that the United States government always inquires about the origins of the funds being invested, the types of investor visas, and the business entity itself. Everything must have a legitimate basis and purpose, and hiring a firm for these proceedings increases the chance of success.

With the guidance of a skilled attorney for Immigration Law Cases, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ll make it look easy.

For more information on Immigration Law in California, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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